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Swan Lake
Royal classical ballet

Ballet in two acts

Music by P. Thaikovsky

"Swan Lake" rightfully claims its place as the pearl of classical ballet! The timeless production, masterfully crafted by M. Petipa and L. Ivanov and accompanied by the brilliant compositions of P. Tchaikovsky, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. This ballet classic continues to enchant audiences of all ages, a testament to its enduring appeal over the past 100 years.

At its core, "Swan Lake" narrates the tale of Prince Siegfried's ideal and unattainable love for the enchanted beauty Odette, who appears in the form of a swan. Their journey toward happiness is fraught with obstacles and trials that demand overcoming. The ballet's classic presentation, marked by polished movements, graceful adagios, impeccable synchronization, and stunning performances, elicits genuine admiration.


The highly artistic set designs further enhance the visual experience, seamlessly transporting the audience from the medieval castle to the shores of a fantastical lake. 

This ballet is known for its beauty and emotional depth. It is rightfully considered the standard of high art, and many world-famous dancers were proud that they were lucky enough to perform a part in this performance. Choreography, performance, and costumes create a magical atmosphere, immersing the audience in a magical world of art.

The grace and precision exhibited by the dancers of this first-class international troupe breathe life into the characters and emotions meticulously crafted into each pirouette by the composer and choreographer.

The professional troupe “Royal Classical Ballet” includes the most talented ballet dancers from different European countries, who annually visit many cities around the world on tour.

The renowned dance of the white swans is a spectacle that must be witnessed firsthand at least once in a lifetime.

This enchanting and graceful story offers a precious moment to believe in magic and eternal love!

30% discount is extended to children under the age of 12

Tickets from 34 CHF



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