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Swan Lake
Royal classical ballet

Ballet in two acts

Music by P. Thaikovsky

Following the great success during 20 years and after the numerous triumphal tours in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Canada, USA, Norway, France, Monaco, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Columbia, Brazil, and others - total 37 (!) countries.

The unique ballet troupe consists of 50 dancers - graduates of the Vaganov Ballet Academy and world classical ballet dancers, graduates of the best ballet schools from Italy, Great Britain, Spain and other countries.

Swan Lake is the one of the world's most famous masterpieces of classical ballet!

Welcome the whole families to enjoy the most elegant form of art!


Children under 12 years old -30% discount.


Tickets from 49 CHF.


"Swan Lake" is an outstanding ballet to the music of the great composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky in the recognized classical staging of Marius Petipa, which was presented to the public at the Mariinsky Theatre in 1895. Since then, the romantic imagery of Swan Lake has thrilled adults and young audiences alike and inspired the work of choreographers throughout the world. This great work, widely known and loved by worldwide audiences  symbolizing the art of ballet, has become a gold page in the cultural world. Swan Lake is a story of eternal and beautiful love, betrayal, good and evil.


The plot is based on an old German legend about the beautiful girl Odette, transformed into a white swan. Only unselfish love and loyalty can lift her spell. The romantic young prince Siegfried arrives at the magic lake, sees Odette, falls in love and swears an oath of allegiance. But an evil genius stands in the way of the prince's dream coming true... 



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