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Schaan, Liechtenstein, Landstrasse 19, 18:00



Cham, Lorzensaal Cham, Dorfpl. 3, 18:30



Genève, Bâtiment des Forces Motrices, 15:00



Zürich, Kongresshaus Zurich, 15:00

Music Circus Show on Ice with Highlights of Frozen 1&2

For kids under 12 years old - discount 30%

Tickets from 28 CHF

Together with the sisters Elsa and Anna and their companions, the audience experience an adventurous musical journey with the stars of the new music show on ice!


With an impressively staged new ice show, a symbiosis of ice dance and breath-taking circus acrobatics, the new music show on ice takes the audience on an enchanting journey into a magical fairy tale world.


The celebrated songs of the world’s most successful animated films, Frozen 1 and Frozen 2, are finally coming to the European stages, and in spectacular form – on ice!


The popular winter fairy tale presents in a wonderful way what an important role love, friendship and bravery play in life.


The fairy tale has been adapted into an On Ice show full of mysteries and fantasies. Pure goosebumps when Elsa performs the absolute hit of the evening “Let it go!” A firework of dancing and acrobatics on Ice and Elsa enchants the stage and the  LED screen with her magical powers into a sea of ice and deep blue crystals!


The multi awarded Music (also the Oscar for the best film song) Elsa, Anna as well as Olaf. Sven and Kristoff presenting an entertaining ice spectacle with innovative stage technology for the whole family.


Let yourself be carried away by the dreamy scenes in the deep, deep snowy winter forests of the far north!


With grace, beauty, and elegance, with unbelievable lightness and astonishing technical precision, the audience is captivated by a limitless imagination. Over 300 magnificent costumes, new, innovative, and imaginative direction, spectacular choreographies, rousing music and breath-taking acrobatics create a unique, magical spectacle – LIVE ON ICE!


Only the best singers, ice* dancers and acrobats make it into this international “Best Of” ensemble. Experience star artists at the highest technical precision and award winners of numerous international circus festivals in Monte Carlo, Paris, Latina (Italy), Girona (Spain), Zhuhai Hengqin Chimelong (China).

Pure joy for all fans of the movie and musical hit! 


*new technology of synthetic ice



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