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About Us

Premiere in Switzerland

Modern Dance Performance by Jackie Chan's Theatre 

Elegant ballet, puzzling tricks of Kung Fu, gymnastics, acrobatics – all accompanied by the music of contemporary composers from Asia, America and Europe. The dance connects East and West, and comes from the soul. Here every gesture, every movement is entwined with Eastern wisdom!


The performance will surprise everyone with its philosophical depth and synergy of power based on Kung Fu and the beauty of modern dance. This is an unusual and bright event.

Dedicated to spreading China’s five-thousand-year-old culture and traditions, the Contemporary Dragon Kung Fu Company continues to work as ambassadors to the world through their new art form, bringing the vision of Jackie Chan to life in impressive and moving performances.


Founded by famous movie star and Kung Fu legend, Jackie Chan, in October 2006, the Contemporary Dragon Kung Fu Company consists of some of the most talented young martial artists from across China. Hand-selected by Jackie Chan himself, the artists were all under the age of 18 when the group was formed (with the youngest being only 11), and came from some of the country’s most prestigious martial arts groups including the Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps and Chinese Shenwu Cultural Communication Company. In such way the Theater was created.


The performance is able to surprise with its philosophical deepness and the offered synergy of the strength based in Kung Fu and the beauty of the contemporary dance. This is an extraordinary and vivid event, where martial art merges with traditional Chinese and modern dance. Kung Fu in Chinese means not to struggle but to achieve perfection, both physically and spiritually.


Talking about ancient traditions and philosophies that demonstrate the greatness of the Chinese people. Over the course of centuries, the theory of the five elements (iron, wood, water, fire and earth) was refined in Shaolin Temple to give life to the "Five Forms": monkey, snake, tiger, praying mantis and crane. 


Jackie Chan became famous for his dangerous stunts and comedic talent. Thanks to his new form of art, Jackie Chan embodies his vision in impressive performances.


Go back to Ancient China, comprehend their deep wisdom and philosophy.


Masterfully developed programme of this Grand show conquered the hearts of many people. Incredible tricks of Kung Fu masters, brilliant acrobatics, fascinating beauty of costumes, finely selected music and choreography combined with martial arts gives beauty to the show. 


This is an unusual and amazing show!


Come to the show of Jackie Chan’s theatre!

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